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Makuri I+M+D Liner Systems

Welding Alloys’ Solution

  • A revolutionary concept of wear protection in large dig, haul and dump equipment used in the mining industry.
  • A liner system providing a unique balance between abrasion and impact wear, very effectively protecting the equipment against both wear systems at the same time.
  • The only liner system available with a 3-tier wear life guarantee.
  • Easy to install using standard welding techniques and consumables.
  • Supplied in a ready-to-install kit. No cutting, gouging, rolling or other modifications are necessary.
  • All materials needed are included in the kit.
  • Installation can be done by Welding Alloys or the by the customer with training and support available from Welding Alloys.


  • Makuri I+M+D Liner Systems can provide the lowest liner cost per tonne compared to any other liner system available.
  • It uses a unique 3-way methodology which consists of the Installation, the Materials and the Design. Combined, this concept protects large dig, haul and dump equipment from extreme impact and abrasive wear.
  • In the design process, various materials and thicknesses are used to facilitate wear protection in different areas of the equipment.
  • After installation, the available payload capacity is often increased by reducing liner weight. Through its installation and the benefits it provides, the Welding Alloys Makuri I+M+D Liner System will pay for itself in a very short period of time, resulting in peace of mind for the customer and equipment operating at optimal capacity.

Consistency and Customer Service

Our Integra™ engineers use Welding Alloys’ consumables and automated welding equipment to respond quickly to the customer’s needs and guarantee a consistent high quality finish. Welding Alloys implements strict procedure controls to ensure we carry out repairs of the highest possible standard within the time frame available.

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