Welder training
Produkt- und Schweißerschulung
Formación a soldadores
Formation Soudeur
Szkolenia dla spawaczy
Welder training
Welder training

Product and welder training

As our welding wires and equipment are highly specialised within the welding industry, for our customers to receive the full benefit in their use, we can offer training in order to meet either or both the following objectives:

  • Product training
  • Classroom-based training in:
    • Product range
    • Product usage
    • Industry requirements
    • Applications
    • Case studies

  • Practical demonstrations with hands-on welding
  • Welder training:
    • Safe welding practices
    • Welding procedure specification
    • Welding quality standards
    • 'Hands-on' practical product usage
    • Process control and refinements
    • Problem-solving and remedial actions
    • Failure analysis


Please contact your local WA company for further details.

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