Flux cored TIG rods - NEW product
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Flux cored TIG rods - NEW product
Flux cored TIG rods - NEW product

Flux cored TIG rods

Usually in the TIG welding of stainless steel piping extensive purging is required before welding, and backing gas during welding, to avoid heat tint brought about by oxidisation. 


The new seamless flux cored TIG rod range from Welding Alloys - WARod, allows root pass welding without the use of purging gas. This means it is possible to eliminate gas purging downtime and saves the costs of expensive purging gases before and during welding.


This new product is available in 4 grades: WARod 308L, WARod 316L, WARod 309L and WARod 347.  Please see product details below.


Other weld metal analysis may be produced on request. Please contact us for further details.

Product Name & gradeStandardMechanical Proprieties
AWS A5.22Rp 0.2%
WARod 308LR308LT1-54606203590
WARod 316LR316LT1-54906003580
WARod 309LR309LT1-54605803570
WaRod 347R347T1-54806403570

Available in 2.2 mm diameter.  Excellent results - pass 100% X-ray testing.  



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