Meet the latest addition to our cobalt-based cored wire range!

    An innovative solution dedicated to laser wire cladding.

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  • MAXIMISE your crushing efficiency and extend the lifetime of sugar rolls

    The Sugar Mill Kit:
    Automate arcing, rebuilding and teardrop welding of sugar rolls

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  • MillCarb

    Handle at least 3x more throughput than any other
    VRM solution

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  • Hardplate

    A versatile and adaptable wear plate,
    resistant against extreme wear in harsh conditions.

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  • Strategic locations across the globe

    Providing solutions in more than 150 countries

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For more than 50 years, industrial users across the globe have relied on the expertise of Welding Alloys to increase productivity and reduce costs through our extensive range of welding consumables, automated welding equipment and engineered wear products and services. Click on a product or service below to find out more.

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Engineered wear services, robust wear plates, advanced welding consumables and state-of-the-art machines, all dedicated to solving wear problems in your industry. With us as your partner, you will increase uptime and reduce total cost of ownership of parts. Choose your industry to find out more.


Glass Recycling Process Repair

Following on from their recent work in the glass recycling industry, Welding Alloys UK was approached by another customer experiencing wear on a piece of equipment during the paper separation process.

Case Studies & Technical Articles

Corrosion phenomena in the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry faces a silent yet formidable adversary: corrosion. Critical equipment exposed to corrosive chemicals remains susceptible to this phenomenon, resulting in infrastructure deterioration, significant financial losses and, above all, safety risks.
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