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Nickel Base Alloys

Our range of welding wires offering extreme resistance to high temperature stress and thermal shock, wires for repair assembly, buffering, cladding and friction wear resistant coatings. These wires are suited to surfacing applications involving heavy mechanical stress with impacts and abrasion at high temperature, particularly hot forging dies and the exposed areas of tooling for hot upsetting, shearing and extrusion.

Our nickel base alloy - STELLOY - wires can be used on parts such as hot shearing blades, lime kiln burner parts, dies, forging press tools, hot-piercing punches, and pumps and valves for the chemical and petrochemical industries.


  Typical all-welded metal analysis Hardness - 3 layer deposit
  C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo Fe Nb Ti Al Co W As welded Work Hardened
Product Datasheet
0,06 0,2 0,2 13 Bal. 6 2   3 2 11,5 0,8 250 HB  
Product Datasheet
0,05 0,6 0,5 16 Bal. 16 5         4,5 200 HB 350 HB
Product Datasheet
0,05 1 0,6 15,5 Bal. 16 3       2,3 4,5 220 HB 350 HB
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With a Welding Alloys retrofit solution, you benefit from the same great hardware, but with the latest software and technology at a fraction of the cost!


 Welding Alloys Argentina supplied a complete manufactured bucket lip for a Komatsu 470 wheel loader in November 2020.


Back in 2019, Welding Alloys Far East (WAFE), received VRM coal mill rollers from a local power plant for hardfacing.