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Welding Alloys has developed WARod to provide an easy-to-use and economical answer to TIG welding. WARod is a flux cored TIG rod designed for root pass welding where gas purging is impractical. WARod provides regular penetration through the entire part of the pipe in all positions.


  Typical all-welded metal analysis
  C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo Nb Fe
WARod 308L-G
Product Datasheet
0,03 0,6 0,9 19,5 10     Bal
WARod 309L-G
Product Datasheet
0,03 0,8 1,5 24,5 13     Bal
WARod 316L-G
Product Datasheet
0,03 0,5 0,9 18,5 12 3   Bal
WARod 347-G
Product Datasheet
0,03 0,7 1,4 19 10,5   0,5 Bal

-G : gas shielded

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18 months ago, a set of test blades made from Hardlite were installed in the classifier of a cement mill for one of Welding Alloys’ customers in the US.


Recently Welding Alloys Group in collaboration with Intellegens, looked at how machine learning can be used to achieve drastic improvement in performance of hardfacing welding consumables for Welding Alloys Group. In this case study we identify the key challenges faced and how machine learning can solution these problems.


In order to best meet the requirements related to the maintenance of urban rail networks, the R&D team at Welding Alloys France has developed a unique cored wire called TRI S RW.