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Welding Alloys Integra™

Our Integra™ division specialises in providing welding services in-house or in-situ using our own advanced welding consumables and state-of-the-art machines for the hardfacing and cladding of components worn in service. Our knowledge of service conditions of worn components enables us to recommend the appropriate welding method and welding consumables to provide exceptional component service life, always exceeding the original performance.

Welding Alloys has 25 Integra™ Service Centres that operate worldwide and offer extensive expertise across a number of industries. We are the experts and benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience that has developed throughout the years, enabling us to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

Integra™ Solutions

In partnership with our customers and according to their specifications, Welding Alloys Integra™ offers a full range of services and solutions:

  • Assessment and analysis of parts and their working conditions; procedure's development, applications and measures control ensuring high standard quality throughout the job
  • Supply of our own designed, long lasting and reliable hardfaced components
  • Application of highly efficient cladding or hardfacing procedures with the use of simultaneously operating, fully automated, welding heads
  • Machining

To fulfil the need of many industries looking for specialised hardfacing and cladding services, the Welding Alloys Group created a worldwide network of Integra™ Service Centres strategically located to enable fast on site intervention and to offer local services of international quality and standards.

Integra™ Products

Composite Wear Plates SprayClad® 3D-Carb MillCarb Integra™ Mill Advanced Components Advanced Materials

Composite wear plates

More resistant than quenched and tempered abrasion-resistant steel plates.

Welding Alloys’ range of wear plates comprise a base plate of construction steel and a wear resistant coating applied by arc welding. Produced using specially developed Welding Alloys cored wires, they are distinguished by their:

  • Homogeneity of the deposit
  • Regular appearance
  • High quality consistency – guaranteed by the use of advanced automatic welding equipment designed and manufactured in our workshops
  • Functionality and Adaptability

Hardplate™, Hardlite™ and Tuffplate™ are available in standard dimensions or made to measure,
in the widest available range of thickness. Their dense metallurgical structure offers exceptional
resistance to abrasive wear.


Heavy duty composite wear plates

  • Base metal and coating thicknesse
  • selected according to the application
  • Choice of several coating types
  • Preferred solution for maintenance

Ultra-thin composite wear plates - less than 5 mm

  • Specially adapted for applications where weight is restricted
  • More adaptable, lighter and harder
  • Advantageous for moving parts

Impact resistant wear plates

  • Designed for applications susceptible to a combination of wear and impact
  • Ideal solution for material transfer and transportation areas

Coating types

Hardplate™ 100 Hardplate™ 300 Hardplate™ 600 Hardlite™ Tuffplate™

Chromium carbides

Excellent wear resistance

Optimum solution for most applications

Chromium + niobium carbides

Superior wear resistance

For severe conditions of service up to 300C

Complex carbides

Superior wear resistance

Keeps its outstanding properties up to 600C

Refined microstructure with high volume of chromium carbides
Extremely high wear resistance

Finely dispersed carbides within a tool steel matrix.

Ideal for areas with a combination of abrasion, pressure and impact

Fair corrosion resistance - Designed to withstand moderate impact
60 - 62 HRC
61 - 63 HRC
62 - 64 HRC
68 HRC
56 - 58 HRC

Standard dimensions

Type Standard size
Hardplate™ 1500 x 3000 mm (L)
2000 x 3000 mm (XL)
Hardlite™ 1000 x 2000 mm
Tuffplate™ 1500 x 3000 mm (L)

Standard thicknesses

Type Base plate Coating
Hardplate™ 5 to 15 mm 3 to 15 mm
Hardlite™ 2 or 3 mm 2 or 3 mm
Tuffplate™ 5 to 15 mm 3 to 15 mm
Other sizes available on request


Technical and application data sheets on request.
Customised coated specifications available e.g. wear-resistant, stainless or heat-resistant steels.

Manufactured parts from composite wear plates: Components and parts made of Hardlite™ or Integra™ plates cut, bent, rolled, slotted, fabricated, assembled or welded.

Welding Alloys also have composite wear plates specially suited for applications in the glass industry Glassplate


Welding Alloys SprayClad® ‘Best in Class’ for Boiler Protection

Designed to withstand prolonged exposure to corrosive gases, salts, chlorides and abrasive particles. These substances corrode and erode the boiler and heater tubes during operation. SprayClad can be customised to help solve the challenges faced by many of our customers, and contribute significantly to reduce thinning of tube walls, boiler downtime and the cost of in-situ tube cladding.

SprayClad has been designed to withstand prolonged exposure to corrosive gases, salts, chlorides and abrasive particles at elevated operating temperatures, in applications for Waste to Energy, Biomass and Fossil fuel power generation boilers. This process is suitable for black liquor boilers, fume extraction hoods and ducts in the steel industry, and can be tailored for a large range of other applications, including abrasion, corrosion and erosion at room temperature.

Find out more about SprayClad


*SprayClad is unavailable in the USA


A proven technology to substantially increase the service life of heavily wearing critical parts. 3D-Carb™ bulk deposits outlast conventional welded protection and castings in resisting against combined wear.


MillCarb™ - A groundbreaking wear solution for vertical mills

This latest innovation from Welding Alloys is a fully repairable welded ceramic composite metal matrix alloy providing an optimised engineered wear protection solution for grinding components, setting new standards in the Cement Industry. MillCarb™ has been developed in collaboration with industry leading mill OEMs and experts in material science to ensure optimum performance when needed most.  To find out more about this Integra™ solution, click below to dowload the flyer.

MillCarb flyer (pdf, null undefined)

Read more about MillCarb™ (pdf, null undefined)


Integra™ Mill

Integra™ Mill welding cored wires are specially designed for hardfacing and re-profiling of grinding components in vertical grinding mills for raw, clinker, coal, blast furnace slag and other minerals.

Integra™ Mill products combined with Welding Alloys application technology are used with outstanding results on rolls and tables of all types: improving the service life, grinding efficiency and energy consumption.

Advanced Components

Specially designed and manufactured machinery components for better productivity and longer service life. Fabricated and hardfaced in our Integra™ Service Centres according to a specified design, these components incorporate the most advances corrosion and wear resistance solutions.

  • Rolls 
  • Sinters stars
  • Crash desks
  • Roller Presses
  • Vertical Grinding Mills and Tables
  • Fans
  • Mixing Paddles
  • Forging Hammers
  • Crushing Hammers
  • Boiler Panels


Advanced Materials


  • Ceramics
  • Abrasion resistant rubbers
  • Armouring resins
  • Paints
  • Discs


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With a Welding Alloys retrofit solution, you benefit from the same great hardware, but with the latest software and technology at a fraction of the cost!


 Welding Alloys Argentina supplied a complete manufactured bucket lip for a Komatsu 470 wheel loader in November 2020.


Back in 2019, Welding Alloys Far East (WAFE), received VRM coal mill rollers from a local power plant for hardfacing.