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FTR – Frog Top Rail

Automated open arc rail welding machine

Automated weld restoration of worn frogs and rails offers a more cost effective approach to extend track lifetime compared to replacing worn frogs or track. Welding Alloys FTR machine, with pendant machine control technology, allows fully automated control of the welding process
with little operator intervention.

3D CAD illustration of Frog Top Rail automatic welding machine on railway tracks

Industry: Railways


  • Multiple modular configurations
  • Touch screen pendant control system
  • Lightweight
  • Conforms to UCI standards


  • Rail surface welding
  • Frog hardfacing, different welding shapes possible - triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular
  • Portable
  • Huge reduction in costs, up to 80% savings with repair solution compared to
  • Replacement


Two direction welding – no need to return the machine

  • Automated welding with X,Y and Z axis - max. length 400 x width 200mm
  • Track width - between 1420 – 1472 mm
  • Conforms to Low Voltage Directive 2006/42 CE, norm NF EN 13977
  • Motorised wheel with brake system – stops in case of emergency
  • Weld up or down 1:10 gradients and 12 metre radius curves
  • Automatic stick-out length adjustment
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