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A cost effective all rounder!

The H-Frame machine is a flexible, cost-effective weld surfacing machine with a quick return on investment. It can be used in many applications: flat welding, roller welding, spiral welding and welding with several welding heads at the same time. It is available in various sizes, allowing it to be customised to the needs of the workshop.

Welding Alloys' D3 control system is installed for all of the H-Frame machines, either in the D3-Touch or D3-Pendant configuration. The control system is designed for fast and easy weld set-up of different components, while maintaining precise control of the whole welding process.

Industries: Steel and General Maintenance Workshops


  • D3 touch system
  • Five easily adaptable options
  • Multiple weld pattern: oscillating beads, stringer beads, square waves, chevron shape and spiral welding


  • Repeatable programming
  • High quality weld deposits
  • High productivity in manufacturing
  • Adaptable to any workshop size

Possible configurations

  1. H Frame on top of manipulator
    • Vertical mill rollers for Cement and Coal Industry
    • Roller welding in general
    • Internal pipe cladding
  2. H Frame on top of a rotating table
    • Valves
  3. H Frame on top of lathe
    • Roller welding
    • Screw conveyor welding
  4. H Frame on top of a table
    • Flat welding
  5. H Frame multiple welding stations
    • Flat welding

H Frame on top of manipulatorH Frame on top of a rotating tableH Frame on top of latheH Frame on top of a tableH Frame multiple welding stations


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Hi there! My name is Themi Argyrou and I have recently taken on the role of Managing Director at Welding Alloys South Africa. I feel very positive about my new role at Welding Alloys South Africa and I look forward to working with and meeting new people within the Welding Alloys Group.


It is never easy to replace a successful machine that is renowned for quality and performance.
ZUCAR welding machines have been the benchmark for years in sugar cane mill applications.