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Rotary Plate Cladder

High performance, top-quality
plate cladding

The Rotary Plate Cladder machine is a heavy duty welded base assembly with two, three, four or more welding heads, built for hard work. Two or more plates are mounted on a drum and hardfaced continuously, which ensures maximum productivity.

3D CAD illustration of rotary plate cladder automatic welding machine. Back angle view.3D CAD illustration of rotary plate cladder automatic welding machine. Front angle view.

Industries: cement, steel, mining, power, security, agriculture, recycling…


  • Dedicated for plate cladding applications
  • Heavy duty construction
  • D3 Touch control unit
  • Constant surface speed
  • Open-arc welding
  • Dimensions up to 3 x 12 meters


  • Achieves perfect quality welded materials
  • Maximum productivity (0,7m²/h for a 6+4 plate with 2 heads and Ø2.8mm wire)
  • Easy operator interaction
  • Different welding beads: stringer beads, oscillated, sine waves
  • Adaptable for various welding processes


  • Heavy duty welding – flux cored wire diameter 1.0 – 4.0mm
  • Wire dispensed from spools or drums
  • Interface with rotary device
  • Spindle device
  • Drum up to 8 tons
  • Linear movement - double motorised carriage assembly mounted on beams:
    • speed 0.5 – 3m/min (horizontal)
    • speed 0.5 – 2m/min (vertical)


  • Water cooled welding kit
  • Additional welding head
  • Twin wire-feed unit with wire straightener
  • Fast oscillators
  • Interface with power source
  • Fume extraction
  • Drop carbide hoppers
  • Gas shielded welding gun kit
  • Sub-arc welding kit
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Our wear plates have been installed on the TBM Federica!

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With more and more Netsuite enabled sites and new projects continuing to get started, it was time to put the team in line on common goals. To achieve this, Netsuite’s IT team met in early April at Welding Alloys France for a week of Netsuite implementation workshops.