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Welding torches : TOPTORCH 300-4E

Open-arc for flux cored wire

TOPTORCH 300-4E connected to TOPCASE wire feederCharacteristics

  • Welding torch for flux cored wire (FCAW)
  • Excellent manoeuvrability, robust handle
  • Swan neck interchangeable to fit different configurations and applications
  • Welding of railways, outdoor work, yard applications
  • Recommended to be used with TOPCASE 425-4

Technical data

  • Part number: 139FF0007 TOPTORCH 300-4E
  • Max Amperage: 300 A 60% duty cycle
  • Length: 4m
  • Ø wire: 1.2 to 2.4 mm

TOPTORCH 300-4E welding torchTOPTORCH 300-4E welding torch close up of head

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Our wear plates have been installed on the TBM Federica!

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With more and more Netsuite enabled sites and new projects continuing to get started, it was time to put the team in line on common goals. To achieve this, Netsuite’s IT team met in early April at Welding Alloys France for a week of Netsuite implementation workshops.