Consumibles Welding Alloys


  SiO2 + TiO2 Al2O3 + MnO CaO + MgO CaF2 K2O + Na2O
WAF 385
Ficha técnica
20% 35% 20% 20%  
WAF 325
Ficha técnica
20% 18% 37,5% 22%  2,5%
WAF 415
Ficha técnica
20% 23% 35% 20%  
WAF 63
Ficha técnica
20% 35% 20% 20%  

Nuestros fundentes pueden ser utilizados en la gran mayoría de los alambres de arco sumergido. contáctanos para mayores detalles.

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Noticias y Eventos


Back in 2019, Welding Alloys Far East (WAFE), received VRM coal mill rollers from a local power plant for hardfacing.


The IntegraTM services team at Welding Alloys Deutschland have been honoured for their exemplary work and safety-oriented execution of an on-site intervention in 2020.



The Welding Alloys Group is pleased to launch a unique thermal spray solution for applications in the Waste to Energy, Biomass and Fossil Fuel boilers. This process is suitable for black liquor boilers, fume extraction hoods and ducts in the steel industry, and can be tailored for a large range of other applications, including abrasion, corrosion and erosion at room temperature.