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Significant wear of critical components during recycling, is the result of collecting, crushing, shredding and reforming of materials during the recycle process, which remains a major challenge in the industry.

Welding Alloys has become a global leader in the provision of complete services with comprehensive technical support to address wear-related challenges in the recycling sector. Backed by ongoing investment and research into product, application and solution development, with over 50 years’ experience in wear protection and an extensive global footprint, we can offer the right solution for your recycling wear problem.

Waste Shedder in operation 1

This was best demonstrated when Welding Alloys Thailand, was approached by a prospective recycling customer who faced significant and unusual wear on the blades of their waste shredder. During the initial contact, Welding Alloys Thailand undertook an in-depth consultation and analysis to understand the customer challenges and requirements and started a data gathering process through a proven method developed over many years. The customer was finding that the lifetime of the waste shredder wasn’t meeting expectations and the blades were deteriorating due to excessive wear which caused monthly, prolonged shutdown periods and forcing interruption in production and excessive costs. Welding Alloys Thailand was able to quickly reference similar projects undertaken across the globe through our internal peer network.

The customer was also able to benefit from the support of our local technical experts at Welding Alloys Thailand with the ultimate goal of reducing prolonged shutdown periods and extending the lifetime of their waste shredder. Upon a complete assessment of the shredder, blades, processes and working environment Welding Alloys determined that the choice of wire would be fundamental in ensuring the ongoing efficiency of the waste shredder.

Finally, Welding Alloys Thailand proposed that the optimum solution would be to repair the shredder blades in one of our own local Integra welding services workshops using a specially developed, seamless cored wire. It was agreed that the shredder would be dismantled and transported to our workshop for the blades to undergo repair and for Welding Alloys to provide training for the customers’ technical team to enable them to carry out future repairs.

The final product selected for the job was our seamless copper coated tubular wire from our Robodur range of consumables, that offers a hardness of over 60 HRC and a crack-free weld deposit as a result of the low diffusible hydrogen content.


Rapid deterioration of blades causing prolonged shutdown periods


Blades were repaired in Welding Alloys workshop using specially developed seamless cored wire


Prolonged production periods and extended wear life

Our Integra welding services team hardfaced the shredder blades, which improved their resistance to wear and increased the lifetime of the shredder machine. Opting to use a Robodur wire also meant that the solution would be easier to maintain as subsequent re-welding can be carried out without the need to remove old deposits, further reducing shutdown time. The product training supplied by Welding Alloys Thailand took this into account and focussed on the specific skills required to repair the blades by hardfacing 2-3 layers of Robodur wire, based on the significance of wear.

Despite the shredder having been fully dismantled, Welding Alloys Thailand reassembled the machine ready for operation by using the drawings supplied by the customer. The machine was returned to operation in a better-than-new condition, resulting in an extended wear life of 2-3 months, 3 times more than prior to Welding Alloys solution, and a solution for the customer to repair their own blades in the future.

During a follow-up meeting, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the improved lifespan of the shredder blades and the quality of training provided to their technical team. Our mission was fully accomplished, in achieving decreased shutdown periods, prolonged production hours and increased productivity, resulting in reduced customer costs and increased profits.

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