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PF Coal Feeder Pipe





Within the Power Industry, parts and components are regularly subject to a multitude of factors which can cause wear; abrasion, corrosion, cavitation, high temperatures and pressure. Wear on integral parts such as feeder pipes can have detrimental effects on the efficiency and reliability of a plant. To combat the effects of wear on parts in the power plants, Welding Alloys offer a range of standard and complex carbide welded overlay plates, produced in our own facilities.

A customer in the power industry sought out Welding Alloys’ expertise when they experienced excessive levels of wear, forcing them to replace their feeder pipe frequently, therefore, significantly increasing costs. The customer determined that the total cost of ownership was far too high because the feeder pipe’s lifetime wasn’t meeting expectations.


Welding Alloys was approached by the customer to establish whether there was potential to increase the lifetime of the feeder pipe by repairing it, rather than incurring the high costs associated with purchasing and installing a brand new part.

During our first consultation with the customer, we involved our Welding Alloys technical experts who spent time to understand the customer expectations and the particular challenges, whereafter they recommended a full, on-site assessment.

Upon inspection of the working environment, the processes involved and the feeder pipe, Welding Alloys concluded that the wear was too significant, to merely repair the part, as it would not provide the customer with the desired results, in the long-run. Welding Alloys was able to reference similar past projects and use data to demonstrate the results achieved.

In the end, the customer  agreed to Welding Alloys manufacturing a new, Pulverised Fuel coal feeder pipe using one of our own specialist composite wear plate brands called Hardplate. This wear plate has wear resistance properties exceeding those of quenched and tempered abrasion resistant steels with the unique ability to be cut and formed into different fabrications, thanks to the use of low carbon structural steel as the base material. The heavy duty composite plate is one, of a range of composite wear plates, manufactured and offered by Welding Alloys. Through many years of undertaking similar projects, across multiple industries, Welding Alloys’ Hardplate, has become the preferred solution for maintenance of high wear areas and would prove very successful for this job.

During the project that took place in our workshop, the parts were cut to size, the Welding Alloys Integra service team assembled and welded the parts together, ensuring the welding direction was parallel to the flow of Pulverized Fuel travelling through the feeder pipe, and capping all joints using hardface material to provide maximum wear protection. The specially manufactured feeder pipe was then transported and fitted on-site with much improved wear resistant properties, better than any standard new feeder pipe could offer.


Frequent replacement of feeder pipe


A Welding Alloys manufactured feeder pipe using our own specialist composite wear plate


Increased lifetime by 500%

During our follow-up meeting with the customer, he was extremely impressed with the performance of the Welding Alloys feeder pipe which increased the lifetime of the part, by 500%, drastically reducing the costs by reducing downtime, maintenance and of course the cost of purchasing new feeder pipes.

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