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Paper mill production processes include debarking, chipping, pulping and washing. This can result in component wear through abrasion, corrosion, pressure and temperature.

Costly plant components such as wood chip transportation screws used in Pulp and Paper mills, are impacted by varying degrees of abrasive wear, depending on the material type and rates of transport.

With over 50 years’ experience in wear protection backed by intensive research and development, Welding Alloys developed a leading range of solutions to protect wood chip transportation screws for Paper mills. From our advanced welding consumables, automated hardfacing and cladding welding machines, to our turn-key Integra services, we have the  solution for your Paper mill applications. To provide best in class customer support, our Integra service centres and technical experts are strategically located across the globe in locations that match our markets.

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Recently, Welding Alloys’ technical expertise was sought by a customer in Germany who was dissatisfied with the lifetime of their wood chip transportation screws. They experienced significant component wear which led to deformation of the screws and reduced their overall production efficiency. This leading producer of the high grade paper, explained how they experienced increased plant downtime, to deal with unplanned repairs and the replacement of screws, resulting in escalated costs.

During the first meeting with our technical team, the customer expressed an urgent requirement for a cost-effective, long-term solution to increase the lifetime of their existing screws, reduced plant downtime and lower total cost of ownership.

Although our Integra team regularly undertakes projects similar in nature, they approached the project systematically by applying proven Welding Alloys methodologies to determine the most suitable solution. This included data collection through analysis and inspection of different screws, a review of the parts’ records, assessment of the overall working environment and by conducting interviews with the plant operators. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our skilled teams were able to complete the analysis phase with limited access and regularly undertook remote assessments through use of technology, which has become part of our standard offer.

From the initial analysis, the Welding Alloys technical experts determined that screws were experiencing significant wear caused in the main, by high levels of abrasion as a result of  the materials and particle dimensions. Our technical team interacted with Welding Alloys peers in two other global regions to discuss the project and to review recent project records where solutions for wood chip transportation screws were developed to deal with similar abrasion challenges.


Reduced production efficiency due to excessive wear of screws


Welding Alloys specialist automated machine


Improved component service life and reduced costs

The final solution proposed, involved the protection of new screws as the existing screws were simply too damaged to repair to a standard the customer would be satisfied with. Welding Alloys would proceed with preventative hardfacing of the areas identified as exposed to extreme wear, with one of our HARDFACE wires containing tungsten carbide particles in a nickel-boron-silicone matrix. This preventative solution allows for building up of resistance to abrasive wear, significantly prolonging the lifetime of the transportation screw compared to standard, unprotected screws. Once applied, the wire also roughens slightly under the effects of wear, which protects the deposit from attack by coarser particles.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the customer agreed to have new screws delivered to the local Welding Alloys Integra team to complete the hardfacing of the areas exposed to extreme abrasion. Welding Alloys successfully built up the transportation screws using a specially designed automatic Screwflight machine and transported  the screws in time, to meet the agreed delivery date of the components.

During the follow up review of the component performance, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the longevity and performance of the screws produced by Welding Alloys, which resulted in decreased total cost of ownership of approximately 25% .

We are committed to supporting customers by providing in-depth knowledge, expertise, products and services backed by a proven track record for making Paper mills more productive and efficient.

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