• Join a leading global organisation that feels like a family

  • Join a leading global organisation that feels like a family

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What we value

We are always on the lookout for capable, passionate individuals whose values match ours. Join our team of 1000+ employees and you’ll get the excitement and stimulation of a global organisation, with an entrepreneurial spirit that continuously looks for new opportunities. We don’t have rock stars and superheroes; we have motivated people who are exceptional at what they do. We are agile, our business model is sensible, and we enjoy working with smart people.

At the core of everything we do

Creativity. We actively promote a culture where creativity is encouraged, whether technical innovation, process improvement, or just learning how to do something better.

Teamwork. We are a global company that embraces our team’s cultures and values – working together drives our ambition to achieve our goals as ‘One Welding Alloys’.

Responsibility. We take absolute responsibility for the company’s impact on our neighbours, our suppliers, our customers, our staff and their families, and the environment.

Ethics. We operate in an open, safe and enjoyable environment in which trust, honesty and integrity prevail and high professional and ethical standards are observed.

Ambition. We have a healthy entrepreneurial and competitive spirit, and we set ourselves challenging goals to keep moving forward and growing the business.

Passion. We are passionate about everything we do, in delighting our customers and working together as One Welding Alloys.

Providing everthing you need to excel

We provide everything you need to feel happy, healthy, resourced, and developed.

be yourself

Be yourself

We operate globally and embrace diversity at every level, bring your capabilities and skills and just be the best version of yourself!



Fit-for-purpose tools and resources are provided to ensure everyone has what they need to carry out their role and excel in what they do.



Competitive, market-oriented packages are offered. Our rewards are performance-driven and our employees always share in the business success.



Ongoing investment in the development of our people is vital. We provide a supportive training and learning culture, helping employees reach their full potential.

well being


Health and Safety take center stage in all our operations. Employee wellness is a priority and during COVID, our increased focus on mental health helped everyone adjust and cope during very challenging times.



Join a collaborative, flexible working environment where team members can count on one another. We value open communications and transparency that builds trust among colleagues.

Why I love working here

Griselda Hernandez

I have been a member of the WA Argentina family for 11 years. Throughout this time I have experienced a variety of situations, wonderful and others not so much, some very hard to tell the truth. From the financial to the emotional side, but always with the strength and the spirit of resilience, an adjective so human yet it’s developed in this company. We always manage to get ahead, learning from mistakes and always improving.

Along the way I’ve been enhancing my virtues, and mitigating the defects; both professional and personal. That is why for so many years I continue to choose to “belong” to WA Argentina.

We still have a lot to give and grow, making this job the perfect complement between personal and professional.

Thanks WA!

Simon Metz

I was very well received within the company and the Business Unit. A warm welcome, supportive colleagues and a good team spirit. The work is very interesting with a diversity that breaks the routine. I’m very happy with my new job at Welding Alloys!

Steven James

Since I joined the Welding Alloys team at the Holtzwihr site, I feel good. There is a very good understanding with the whole team. There is a taste for novelty and challenge every day, which offers me different assignments. There is no such thing as routine and what I have seen is that everyone actively participates in the company’s progress and culture, which is a strong point. I would like to thank the whole team and also the management for allowing me to join this company, which I believe will continue to evolve because it has potential.

Friddah Mpho Malau

I started working for Welding Alloys South Africa in 2013.  My main duties then, was to clean the offices and serve everyone within the building with tea or coffee. I am disabled in my left hip but that did not stop me from doing my daily duties. I enjoyed being a cleaner but HR identified my abilities  as more than just a cleaner. They have asked me to relieve the receptionist at the switchboard and suggested that I rewrite my matric. I did as advised, rewrite my matric and that opened doors to me; and I got promoted to Stock control assistant. The company paid for my course at NDJ to complete a Business Administration course which helped me a lot. I received training on JDE , computer skills and a lot of support from management, the transition from cleaner to a position that requires computer skills is not easy. Through support from management and co-workers I did well. 5 years later I got promoted to Junior buyer. Through support and training I can now do purchasing on NetSuite and I can deal and negotiate better prices with suppliers.  I can work under pressure and make sure employees are wearing the correct PPE all the time. I am managing stores and working with employees at the factory because they are my priority. I must make sure I don’t run out of PPE and consumables. I am now studying at the University of South Africa. WASA is the place I called home. I love and appreciate my management due to the support that they give me. Thank you, I am so grateful for working at WASA from cleaner to Junior buyer.


This is a company that encourages trust and people-oriented thinking. When I started with the company, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the whole experience has been great and I love being a part of it. I am fully committed to the company and achieving its strategic goals.

Brian Gardner

Each day since I joined Welding Alloys South Africa has been inspiring, motivating and challenging, which has helped me develop professionally in different areas of my career.The entire South African team is dedicated, committed and works very hard to succeed. The company offers an excellent working experience with many opportunities of being involved in diverse projects. The management is very transparent and provides us with regular updates on the business, I am proud of being part of it.

Sureshkumar Pilla

Welding Alloys is a great place to work.They truly value their employees, believe in employee empowerment, and offer a diverse professional experience.


Working as a part of the Speedmet family with my colleagues and friends makes me super pleased. I am excited to be a part of this organisation.

Anand Naik

It’s been 6 years since I joined the company and I would like to highlight some key points of my journey to date:
a. Consistent quality, a focus on innovation, trust, customer satisfaction and employee safety, these are the core values of the company.
b. The company provides opportunities for steady growth of the individual through specialised training.
c. They assist in identifying the required skill set and discuss improvement opportunities during feedback
d. The “One Welding Alloys” motto encourages Teamwork towards the achievement of our 2025 goals

Nor Aishazreen Binti Jamaluddin

Since I joined, I have gained a number of new skills and learned about a broad range of metals and welding materials. I find all my colleagues to be very helpful and happy to share their experiences and knowledge with me. Everyday is a learning day at Welding Alloys.

Selvi A P Ezhenkowan

Working at Welding Alloys for over 10 years, has been a rewarding experience that allows for self development, it has been a very fruitful experience indeed. Over the years, through the wealth of knowledge, skills and guidance of my colleagues I was able to gain valuable experience, and be moulded into who I am today. In 2017, I was blessed to attain a personal milestone by completing my company-sponsored Master’s Degree; for which I am very thankful. During the same year, I also joined the junior board called NxG, yet another golden opportunity to spread my wings. In essence, I’m grateful for the abundance of knowledge and experience I’ve gained thus far here.

Rohazatuazila Binti Sulaiman

I faced a brand new challenge when I was given a role within HR, which was completely different from the area I worked in previously. I seized the challenge, and saw it as an important opportunity to excel my learning by gaining new skills and further knowledge. I am proud to work with such exuberant and talented people.

Pierre Blanchard

I started at Welding Alloys France in 2019 and although I always worked in larger corporations I was looking for a smaller structure where I would have more autonomy. When I joined, I found what I dreamed of. Every day I learn about our applications and I share my experience of the manufacturing processes that I know very well.There’s an entrepreneurial mindset and a positive energy throughout the company. I have the freedom to manage with my own style and I receive all the support I need from top management, providing a motivating dynamic working environment.

Pearl Msomi

I started my journey at Welding Alloys as a Quality Coordinator with zero experience in the area of quality. Right from the start, my colleagues were very supportive and after 6 months’ as a Quality Coordinator, I was appointed as a SHEQ Coordinator . The company has allowed me to grow at a very reasonable pace, not only for the benefit of the company, but also for my own, individual growth.

What about remote working?

Most of our teams work from plants and offices across the world, but sometimes we will cast our net wider to scoop up talent. We already have specialists based remotely and continue to build on this network as required.Modern technology makes collaboration easy, so whether you're in an office, a plant, or working from home or on a remote team, you're guaranteed to build strong connections across the globe.

We’re hiring!

Enough about us. If you’re bright, capable, and after more than just a job, get in touch.
We look forward to meeting you.

Vacancy Spotlight

We frequently have vacancies for Welders and Operators to join our expanding teams. If you have the right skills, follow the link below and apply now.


  • Operations Manager - Argentina

    • Welding Alloys Argentina S.A.

      Av. Central Acero Argentino Este 825
      B2900 San Nicolás de Los Arroyos
      Provincia de Buenos Aires

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  • Ślusarz - Poland

    • Welding Alloys Polska
      Sp. z o.o.

      Antonio Gaudiego 2
      44-109 Gliwice

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  • Qualitätskontrolle - Germany Wachtendonk

    • Welding Alloys Deutschland GmbH – Zentrale Wachtendonk

      Ostring 52
      47669 Wachtendonk

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  • Technical Sales Representative – KRAM - South Africa

    • KRAM Engineering (PTY) Ltd

      6 Wolverhampton St
      Benoni, 1540
      South Africa

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There has recently been a significant rise in jobs scams, often featuring fraudsters impersonating companies or recruitment consultants. Please note that Welding Alloys will never request payment from job applicants during any part of the recruitment or job offer process.

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