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Since its inception in 1966, the Welding Alloys name has become synonymous with excellence in research and development, resulting in a steady stream of new innovative products, ongoing improvement of existing ones, and the provision of advanced technical solutions and services.

Today, our R&D teams remain at the very heart of the business, able to solve complex industrial wear protection challenges by leveraging the latest scientific and leading engineering practices. Many of our technological innovations are a result of tapping into our network of academia, standard organisations, welding associations, and research partnerships across the world.

We deliver fast-tracked wear protection solutions in the most challenging environments and industries through our multidisciplinary teams located in most major centres.

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Our Strengths

We remain at the forefront of relevant safety regulations, take responsibility for third party approvals of our products and provide an advisory role in production and quality control.

Developing traditional welding techniques
Through R&D we have developed our Laser Cladding techniques

Continuous improvement in welding wire technologies

Our insight into global trends and technologies, such as advanced laser and plasma cladding, additive manufacturing, and thermal spraying, enables us to continuously innovate and bring new, best-in-class wires to market.  These video clips demonstrate how our R&D teams adapted a traditional arc welding wire to perform laser cladding and showcases the results achieved.

Our R&D team

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Innovation is at the core of Welding Alloys’ success and resilience since its foundation. Welding Alloys is a place where customer’s needs are understood and resolved, where voices from all corners of the Group are heard, and where collaboration with external organisations of global calibre are always supported. In other words, it is fertile land where innovative ideas can be explored thanks to an agile and flexible approach. Pure synergy.

We work for continuous improvement on effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly products and services. We make a difference. It is an honour for me to lead the Group that is not only continuing, but also strengthening this long tradition. It gives purpose to my professional life.

Leonor Neto

I have recently joined the Group Innovation at Welding Alloys, and it feels like family already. Besides a welcoming work environment and supportive colleagues, our team allows me to be creative and develop novel ideas and concepts freely. I am given space to grow professionally and personally, while being supported by my colleagues and team. I am very happy to have joined and I hope to keep contributing to the success of the company for many years to come!

Selma Sassi

Since I joined Welding Alloys, the journey has been exciting and challenging. I love how the company is giving me the opportunity to grow professionally by working on many interesting projects. I also appreciate the team work here. Everyone’s an expert in their field and can add a valuable contribution to your work. I’m lucky to have a very supportive team, it’s really nice to work with them.”


Being part of Welding Alloys has been nothing short of enlightening. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work within Group Innovation and with such an excellent mentor. Eager to be placed at the forefront of innovation, I have been offered the opportunity to enhance my career by participating in high-tech projects in my field. This will help me to become a strong contributor to WAG.

150 Countries

Our specialists and industry experts are active in over 150 countries across the world and have an in-depth understanding of the operating conditions and customer requirements across a wide range of sectors:

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