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Classifiers and cones

Classifiers, also commonly known as air separators, are used in various industries as part of the material grinding processes. They play an important role in controlling the size of the material particles, so that finished ground particles can go onto storage, while oversized particles are recirculated for further grinding.

The process involves the feeding of ground material into the classifier and, thereafter, being separated through the action of a rotating cage and static vanes along with a high volume of air.  If classifiers are not inspected and maintained, it leads to poor separation and poor product quality, which can result in forced plant shutdown until the part can be repaired or replaced.


Our heavy-duty wear plates Hardplate and our ultra-light Hardlite products can be used on internal surfaces of the separator casing and the cone to extend their service lives. Our data shows that classifiers and cones made from Welding Alloys wear plates can endure greater abrasion and erosion than the original parts, delivering a significant increase in the service life.

Welding Alloys can supply or redesign parts using our composite wear plates, which can easily be cut and formed to the requested dimensions and mounted to any application on site.


Welding Alloys wear plates boast unrivalled abrasion resistance, homogeneity of the deposit, and a regular appearance. Our wear plates are manufactured and selected specifically to suit the individual working environment.

  • Classifiers and cones
  • Classifiers and cones
  • Classifiers and cones


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