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Cyclone separator shells/parts

Used to separate particles from the gas stream, a cyclone separator’s efficiency is affected by the wear experienced on the separator’s internal parts. Particles separated and funnelled through the reject port are either returned into the process or disposed of.

Abrasive and erosive wear to the inlet, outlet, and internal surfaces can disrupt the air flow and that of the material, leading to reduced efficiency. Over time, the shell of the cyclone can also become damaged. This affects the flow of material back into the process and causes potential leaks or blockages, resulting in downtime to replace or repair the part.


The Welding Alloys wear plates are proven to offer wear resistance 300% higher than standard abrasion resistant steel plates used for cyclone separators. Our wear plates offer advanced protection against local abrasion and erosion, which can cause severe wear.

Welding Alloys plates can be cut to the required dimensions, shaped, and installed on-site to existing equipment. We will recommend the best suited product for the specific working environment, ensuring optimal protection against wear factors.


Welding Alloys will look at the fabrication and design of the original parts to determine how we can streamline future maintenance of the parts on-site and improve the service life of the parts well beyond their original OEM designs. Welding Alloys consumables  and Welding Alloys machines are used to ensure the wear plates are of a consistent, high quality with a regular appearance and homogeneity of the hardface deposit.

  • Cyclone separator shells/parts
  • Cyclone separator shells/parts
  • Cyclone separator shells/parts


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