• Impact and abrasion resistance in debarking drums

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Debarking Drum

Drum debarkers are developed for processing large volumes of lumber in the Forestry industry. A number of vital components within the debarking drums are subject to various types of wear phenomena caused by the feedstock, design and operating conditions of the equipment. Failure of a single component within the debarking drum could lead to the shutdown of the plant until the part is either repaired or replaced.


Welding Alloys Integra services operate from workshops locations across the globe, as well as onsite, to deliver a complete service for the repair and maintenance of debarking drums and critical components. Our service engineers use Welding Alloys’ specialist welding consumables and our Hardplate and Hardlite chromium and complex carbide-based welded wear plates to repair debarking drums, support wheels, chippers and more.

We offer a complete range of maintenance, repairs and services, including:

  • Wear audits
  • Wear response optimisation
  • Wear protection of debarking drums and components from impact and abrasion


A Welding Alloys Integra wear audit will provide analytics, data and insights pertaining to your particular wear problem, as well as a proposal of services and solutions to resolve your challenges. We have a proven track record of delivering successful efficient wear protection of debarking drums and critical components. Let us help you to reduce plant downtime, saving you time and money for years to come.

  • Debarking Drum
  • Debarking Drum
  • Debarking Drum


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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