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Galvanising baths

While the process of galvanising yields excellent, lasting results in protecting susceptible steel from harsh environments, hot-dip galvanising equipment, and specifically baths that are exposed to high temperatures and corrosion. These conditions all contribute to material loss, wall thinning and subsequent failure of the bath. Welding Alloys manufactures welding consumables tailored to protect galvanising baths against the specific environmental conditions associated with the process.

The refurbishment of galvanising baths can be carried out on-site or in one of our strategically located Integra service centres. Additionally, we can also supply new baths constructed of specific base materials and pre-cladding with our advanced consumables.


Our solution is more reliable, controllable, and provides longer lasting protection against corrosion compared to conventional ceramic lined kettles. Over the last 15 years, we have developed GALVALLOY – a cored wire with tailored weld metal chemistry, dedicated to resist the galvanising bath environment and especially designed for corrosion resistance in molten Zinc baths. Equipment cladding with GALVALLOY have shown wear rates in the region of 1.0mm of material loss per year.


Our procedure is monitored closely by our experts, from the wear audit to the remedial repairs required when refurbishing, right through to the cladding procedure. A stringent final NDT inspection is then conducted to ensure cladding thickness and surface integrity.
We work closely with OEMs and engineering companies to ensure we provide the best solution to satisfy your individual customer requirements.

  • Galvanising baths
  • Galvanising baths
  • Galvanising baths


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