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Galvanising rolls

Galvanising has been used in the steel industry for many years as a cost effective and lasting solution to protect susceptible materials against adverse environmental conditions. While galvanising protects the material it is applied to, the process also has adverse effects on the tools, materials and plant and equipment used in the process. Continuous galvanising plants operate under conditions where elevated temperatures, corrosion, friction and abrasion impacts negatively on the operational life of Galvanising Rollers. These rollers are used to guide and move steel strips and profiles into and through the galvanising baths.


Our R&D teams, in collaboration with industry, have developed several combinations of cored wires dedicated to protect against wear, specifically in the galvanising sector. In addition to rebuilding existing rollers, our Integra™ Business Unit is also able to manufacture new galvanising rolls according to your unique requirements and specifications. These rollers are supplied pre-clad to ensure optimised and prolonged wear life.


At Welding Alloys our materials and solutions are designed and developed for flexibility to address customer and industry needs, ranging from general requirements to very specific and tailored solutions. This is done, based on data obtained from industry for more than 50 years in countries across the world. By adapting our solutions to meet specific usage and environments, we can ensure the maximum useful lifetime of components and minimise unscheduled plant downtime. Through investment in continuous research, development and product improvements, we achieved global wear protection leadership, while offering industry the most cost-effective solutions available anywhere.

  • Galvanising rolls
  • Galvanising rolls
  • Galvanising rolls


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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