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Gauges and Corners

Tram rail networks offer an environmentally friendly means of transport for many inner cities, where rails are set in roads and pavements allowing trams to operate in the same areas as vehicles and buses.

However, having tramline rails embedded into the roads and pathways poses a problem for repair and maintenance procedures in areas most prone to wear, such as tight corners. Furthermore, the costs and time associated with replacing these parts of the tramline rails are costly and disruptive.

To deal with this, weld restoration of worn, embedded grooved rails offers the most viable, cost effective approach to extend the lifetime of the track. Weld rebuilding can take place in situ without the need to remove the rails at a significant cost, leading to disruptions and adverse environmental impact.


Welding Alloys developed a complete on-site solution for the repair and maintenance of gauge corners for tramline rails. Our automated weld restoration of worn embedded grooved rails offers a cost effective approach for life extensions and significant cost benefits when compared to replacing worn tracks.

Our automated welding equipment, combined with our range of consumables has been specifically developed for tramways and gauge corner restoration. As a leading supplier, our products comply with the highest quality standards and are approved for worldwide usage.


Our WA Integra welding services division, utilises our own equipment, allowing fully automated control of the welding process with little operator intervention. It includes features such as downloadable internal Q.C. records and GPS tracking, making this a valuable tool in meeting customer requirements.

Through extensive knowledge and experience, Welding Alloys offers customised solutions and technical expertise in the development of welding procedures. Our close working relations with many OEM rail manufacturers, enables us to develop innovative and unique products to significantly extend the life of gauge corners.

  • Gauges and Corners
  • Gauges and Corners
  • Gauges and Corners


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