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Hammers and knives

Cane Knives and Shredder Hammers are crucial parts used in the process of preparing sugar cane for the milling process. Situated at the front end of the process, knives and hammers not only experience wear from the cane itself, but are also subject to wear from debris like sand, rock, pieces of metal etc. entering the process as part of the feedstock. Deterioration of knives and hammers can happen very quickly, affecting the quality of the cane mass entering the cane rollers, directly affecting production and extracting efficiencies. Effective wear protection of hammers and knives, can be undertaken as frequently as weekly or bi-weekly, and is crucial for achieving and maintaining optimum production levels.


Experience gained from decades of active involvement in the sugar industry, contributed to Welding Alloys’ development of innovative solutions and products to effectively combat wear in the industry. Our unique 3D-Carb technology provides through-thickness hardfacing in areas where it is needed most. While our surface hardfacing techniques use our automated equipment with a dedicated range of chromium and complex-carbide consumables, providing best in class results in the sugar industry.

We offer no-obligation wear audits to industry that includes the analysis of wear, wear rates and wear phenomenon as well as material response to wear. The data gathered during the process enables us to propose an optimised solution. Our products and solutions are aimed at improving productivity and wear life while optimising maintenance requirements and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).


Our Integra service experts have extensive experience in the Sugar industry and provide tailor-made solutions for all types of wear that your equipment may incur. We work closely with our customers to offer solutions that extend the life of service parts, plant and equipment. Our solutions are based on data from wear audits, we offer tailored and optimised solutions, dedicated consumables and proven application techniques. Always ensuring our customers receive world-class service and wear performance.

  • Hammers and knives
  • Hammers and knives
  • Hammers and knives


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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