• Protect hoppers and chutes from heavy impact and wear

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Hoppers and chutes

Hoppers and chutes collect, direct, and re-direct material in several industries, including mining, cement, steel, and agriculture. Due to the conditions they are operating in, hoppers and chutes experience varying levels of wear, with some areas deteriorating very quickly, while others experience no wear.

Maintenance is, therefore, crucial to ensure optimum operating conditions to prevent damage to the structural parts of the equipment and possible choking of the system. Replacement of worn liners is a time-consuming process and takes place in areas with limited access and at heights. The frequent maintenance cycles associated with hoppers and chutes is known to create increased risk to people and equipment.


A Welding Alloys Wear Audit enables us to collect application-specific data, which is analysed and used to design optimum wear packages that meet the specific requirements of our customers. This approach ensures that the correct material is installed in the right area, delivering the best possible solution in terms of cost and component lifetime. Our Integra Services teams are skilled at refurbishing used and worn parts or also fabricate new parts and components based on OEM specifications. Our extended range of chromium and complex carbide-based wear plates are specifically designed to protect components against the harsh environments in which they operate.


Our wear plate solutions have proven to increase the service life for hoppers and chutes by ensuring the correct material is installed where it is needed most. Our advanced solutions help to increase the lifespan of parts even further through the use of rubbers, ceramics, and a range of other wear-resistant materials. This solution results in reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.

  • Hoppers and chutes
  • Hoppers and chutes
  • Hoppers and chutes


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