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Mobile equipment

Mobile equipment and machinery are subject to continuous loading and unloading of materials across many industries and require effective and planned maintenance. This is vital to ensure the equipment renders acceptable levels of availability, utilisation, and meet production targets and income expectations. In particular, wear to the bucket and bin liners require regular repairs and if not well planned, this could lead to avoidable equipment downtime and increased costs.


Our Integra wear services division is one of only a few companies capable of offering a specialist range of alloys catering for different wear mechanisms in mobile equipment. Our Wear Audits ensure we gather the necessary data to determine, analyse, design, and manufacture the correct combination of materials for each wear solution we supply.

Our wear packages are supplied either as merchant plates or ready-to-install wear kits with optimised material usage, placing the right material where it’s needed most. These can be ordered either as a customer-installed option or be installed through one of our conveniently situated Integra Service Centres globally.


We offer a selection of wear plates in different thicknesses and products comprising various alloy types to counteract different types and levels of wear.  Our designs utilise the correct liner material and thickness, as well appropriate chemistry and levels of wear resistance for the right areas. We ensure that wear liners are used to their maximum potential and with a lifecycle in-line with other scheduled maintenance cycles. Our solutions have proven to reduce wastage by minimising usable liner thickness of discarded liners, thus adding to an attractive total cost of ownership price tag.

  • Mobile equipment
  • Mobile equipment
  • Mobile equipment


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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