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Rail Heads

Rail heads are the upper part of a rail, used for supporting and guiding the wheels of railroad cars. These can become damaged after a very short period of time due to the wheels spinning under the load and conditions such as acceleration and braking. The metal-to-metal wear can result in surface and subsurface defects which, left untreated, can lead to further damage of the rail resulting in a shut down of the railway line. Refurbishment of rail heads by weld rebuilding, allows local restoration of the rail in situ, or the recycling of used rails in a workshop resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime. The deployment of automatic or semi-automatic welding processes offer a cost effective solution, when compared to the replacement of a rail.


Welding Alloys provides solutions that are cost effective and time efficient for the repair of rail heads. By using our equipment designed for automated welding in combination with our specialised consumables and procedures, we can extend the lifespan of rail heads.

Our Frog Top Rail (FTR) welding machine, combined with our range of consumables have been specifically developed for rail and tramway restoration. As a leading global supplier, our products comply with the highest quality standards and are approved for worldwide usage.


Our Welding Alloys Integra service engineers understand wear and surface conditions that can cause damage to rail heads, thus enabling us to recommend materials and procedures that will increase the lifespan of the railway line. To provide the best possible service, Welding Alloys uses automatic welding machine  and Welding Alloys cored wires that are proven to protect against wear.

  • Rail Heads
  • Rail Heads
  • Rail Heads


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