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Roller presses developed for grinding a range of raw materials, are often used in the cement industry for grinding limestone (raw meal), cement clinker and blast furnace slag.  The roller press can work together with a ball mill for pre-grinding or be used alone for the finish-grinding of the material. This roller press system is now used by many plants as it uses less energy and when combined with a ball mill, it offers high production efficiency.

Material fed from the hopper in between the rollers is crushed under pressure, causing abrasion and impact wear to the rollers over time. Over many decades Welding Alloys developed hardfacing technology with cored welding wires and automatic equipment to increase the efficiency of roller press performance. We have specialist know-how and technology for the repair and recovery of dimensional profiles for roller presses in situ, without having to remove the rollers.


Wear life of the rollers can be significantly increased with Welding Alloys’ specially developed Roller Press solution called RPMaxLife. This technology greatly reduces the risk of fatigue cracking in the substrate layers through its shock resistant design, eliminating the need for intermediate roller repairs.  Its proven design can resist roll surface damage even when faced with tramp metal such as ball mill media, without spalling or surface fracture.

RPMaxLife is offered as a complete solution by our Integra Service Centres and refurbishment can be carried out in our workshops or in situ, depending on the circumstances and customer requirements. Welding Alloys is able to refurbish rollers according to the customer’s own drawings or original OEM designs. It is also possible to include additional services within our maintenance package, including surface wear monitoring, or the application of chevrons and other surface pattern geometries, for increased efficiency of the grinding process.

RPMaxLife significantly reduces downtime and total cost of ownership while simultaneously increasing mill throughput. Our data shows that increased wear life of up to 100% or more can be achieved and while we guarantee a minimum of 6000 hours, customers have recorded examples 12,000+ hours in practice.  The welded layers of traditional consumables are typically not capable of withstanding localised impact caused by foreign material, however with the RPMaxLife solution, the risk of roll damage is significantly reduced.


Our Integra engineers can utilise Welding Alloys’ consumables and automated welding equipment to respond rapidly to customer needs and guarantee a consistent, high quality finish. Welding Alloys have extensive knowledge of roller press repair and refurbishment, obtained from our network of subsidiaries across the globe. Our results show that customers can benefit from increased lifetime of their roller presses, when compared to previous time in operation. Welding Alloys implements strict procedure controls to ensure that we carry out repairs to the highest possible standards, within the available time frames.

  • Roller Presses
  • Roller Presses
  • Roller Presses


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