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Rotary kiln

Rotary kilns are used in various industries for a range of applications such as drying, calcining, sintering, burning and agglomeration type processes within iron & steel, cement, coking, aggregates, mineral processing industries. Rotary kilns consist of a cylindrical carbon steel rolled plate outer shell with cast steel tyres which run on support rollers and usually driven by a girth gear and pinion arrangement. The inside of the shell is typically refractory lined to protect the shell against thermal damage while preventing heat loss from the process within.

Flame temperatures inside a rotary kiln for the cement industry can approach 2000 °C, with clinker temperatures reaching 1450 °C,  while the steel outer shell is kept below 350 °C by the lining. With such high temperatures, some parts of the rotary kiln are prone to distress that can include structural damage through distortion, blistering and potential thermally induced fatigue cracks in the shell, tyres and support rollers.


Welding Alloys has developed a specific cored wire for the repair of cracks in kiln tyres, kiln rollers and the kiln shell. Our GAMMA 182 is a nickel base cored welding wire offering excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, making this product the perfect solution for such repairs. Compared to SMAW electrodes, the Welding Alloys solution has demonstrated savings up to 15% on the welding consumables, through reduced wastage and because it can be deposited up to twice as fast.

Our Integra engineers can perform repairs in situ through expertise gained over more than 50 years and offer superior solutions and customised repair for critical parts on kilns, ball mills and other applications. Our consistent results show reductions in maintenance downtime, production losses and costs for the plant.


Our trained Integra engineers use Welding Alloys automated welding equipment, our advanced welding consumables and the most effective welding procedures to deposit super alloy weld metals that respond quickly and effectively to your unique needs. We ensure a consistent finish and the highest weld quality acceptable for kiln repairs, through strict procedure controls and quality assurance.

  • Rotary kiln
  • Rotary kiln
  • Rotary kiln


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