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Sinter crushers

Sinter Stars, Grizzly Bars, and Crash Decks are crucial parts subject to high temperature, impact and abrasion during the sintering process. Our experts have spent the last 20 years developing the unique 3D-Carb Technology to increase the wear resistance of parts used in the sintering process.

Wear on sinter parts can result in decreased sinter quality, decreased sinter output, increased fines, reduction of blast furnace efficiencies and an increase in energy consumption. Maintenance of the designed profiles of Sinter Stars, Grizzly Bars, and Crash Decks for prolonged periods of time, positively impacts plant productivity, while leading to a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).


The 3D-Carb Technology has the advantage of true through-thickness hardfacing, applied by arc welding and using consumables capable of withstanding extreme levels of wear.

Our 3D-Carbtechnology is guaranteed to extend the service life of your equipment compared to traditional surfacing technology. The application is carried out in our Integra service centres where our technicians apply proven techniques to enhance protection in areas subject to aggressive wear. The component geometry offered by 3D-Carb is maintained for longer and crushing efficiency is maintained which results in better productivity throughout the component service life.

By conducting a comprehensive Wear Audit, we are able to analyse plant-specific wear patterns, enabling us to provide and develop tailored solutions for the plant and particular industry.

We also offer design and manufacturing solutions, can supply new components for the sinter plant and refurbish other parts where possible, thereby reducing downtime and maximising throughput.


The 3D-Carb technology is produced using welding equipment designed by our machine experts, which is fully encoded on all axes and programmed to ensure repeatability and constant quality. Furthermore, we only use our unique cored wires developed specifically for applications that are required to perform within harsh environments.  Our components have been designed in collaboration with sinter plant engineers and to ensure they can achieve a lifetime sufficient to avoid inter-campaign stoppages.

  • Sinter crushers
  • Sinter crushers
  • Sinter crushers


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