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Trash plates or cane rake

The trash plates or cane rakes situated in sugar mills are used to collect the cane fibres and waste material that made their way into the mill. Due to their location within the mill and the varying levels of waste material entering the plant, trash plates are exposed to extreme wear that impacts their effectiveness. To reduce the effects of wear on these components, hardfacing has proven to be an excellent option.


Welding Alloys Integra offers a solution whereby trash plates are initially cladded with a corrosion resistant deposit, followed by one or two layers of hardfacing consumables known for  outstanding wear resistance. This provides a protective barrier against corrosion of the base material whilst simultaneously providing resistance against extreme abrasion.

We developed materials and solutions for both washed and unwashed cane scenarios, which are applied by means of our Welding Alloys machines, designed and manufactured specifically for these applications. The machines are fully encoded on all axes, digitally programmed and remotely operated to ensure repeatability and consistency of quality. The Welding Alloys cored wires applied during this process, were developed in conjunction with industry and for the applications and harsh environments they are exposed to.


Our Welding Alloys materials and solutions are designed and developed to address specific customer needs, based on data obtained from industry for more than 50 years. By adapting our solutions to meet specific usage and environments, we can ensure the maximum useful lifetime of components and avoid unscheduled plant downtime. Through investment in continuous research and development and product improvements, we have maintained our global leadership in wear protection, providing industry with the most cost-effective solutions available.

  • Trash plates or cane rake
  • Trash plates or cane rake
  • Trash plates or cane rake


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