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Tubes, pipes and elbows

Welding Alloys offers solutions for pneumatic pipelines that transport materials across plants, where pipelines are subject to highly abrasive and erosive wear due to the nature of the materials being transported through them.

Wear is commonly found where the material changes direction, such as diverters, elbows, and joints in applications, including SRF lines (Waste Derived Fuels), cement transport lines, and raw meal lines. This wear rate is a function of the abrasive nature of the material and the transport velocity. Wear of these components can result in premature failure of a pipeline, material losses, and potential environmental issues that can ultimately cause a total plant shutdown.


Welding Alloys can re-engineer and manufacture new parts using our range of wear plates, or by hardfacing the internal surface of the pipe section, utilising our extensive range of advanced materials. Our wear solutions will combat wear on the internal surfaces caused by circulating abrasive particles inside the equipment used for material transfer in various industries.

Pipelines that suffer from continued wear problems can benefit from our range of advanced materials and can further strengthen internal linings of pipelines. We offer engineered ceramics, plastics, and rubber solutions, which provide further resistance to high abrasion wear and reduce surface friction.

Our advanced coatings also offer protection against environmental wear of pipes exposed to the elements. Our range of paints and resins can further protect the pipeline from corrosion and erosion.


Our Integra Service Centres can manufacture and supply a full range of wear plate products in accordance with OEM specifications or customer designs. We work closely with customers to offer solutions that extend the life of pipes, elbows, and tubes. Our solutions are based on data from wear audits, and we offer tailored and optimised solutions, dedicated consumables, and proven application techniques. We are committed to delivering world-class customer service and wear performance.

  • Tubes, pipes and elbows
  • Tubes, pipes and elbows
  • Tubes, pipes and elbows


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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