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Vertical mills

Welding Alloys has extensive knowledge of Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) grinding components and their repair requirements. The grinding rollers and table in a VRM have a finite lifespan and will continue to wear during operations. This leads to a gradual reduction of production output levels (up to -25%) and a subsequent increase in power consumption (up to +10%). Without timely repair interventions, this could lead to mill component failure and forced shutdown for extended periods.




Vertical mill rolls and tables can be refurbished either on-site (usually in situ) or at one of our Integra™ workshops to suit the customer’s specific requirements. Repairs are completed using Welding Alloys’ own range of cored wires with wear characteristics specially adapted for these applications in mill repairs. During this process, we use our mill kits (welding equipment) designed to facilitate rapid and effective equipment installation that produces fast and efficient hardfaced welding of the highest quality and standards.

Should we conclude that a failed component is beyond repair, Welding Alloys can engineer its complete replacement using our advanced grinding components according to the customer’s drawings and/or original OEM designs.


Our team of WA Integra™ service engineers offer a complete solution for Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) grinding components. From the monitoring of wear to predicting and pre-defining areas that need hardfacing, then carrying out the repairs before returning the mill back into service. If regularly monitored, components may not need replacement and depending on the extent of wear, they can be refurbished back to the original component profile.

  • Vertical mills
  • Vertical mills
  • Vertical mills


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