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Wear plates and liners

Our unique wear plates comprise a construction steel base plate, clad by means of arc welding, in various thicknesses using chromium and complex carbide alloys.

Our wear plates and liners are produced using our Welding Alloys cored wires, specifically developed for plate welding and distinguished by their homogeneity, regular appearance, functionality, consistent wear rate, and adaptability.

Our overlay products are available in a wide selection of thicknesses, suitable for all application requirements. Our Hardplate, Hardlite, and Tuffplate wear plates are available in standard dimensions or as cut-to-size configurations to meet customer requirements. This range of plates is manufactured in accordance with our internal welding procedures, assuring class-leading quality conforming to the highest standards. In addition to standard or custom plate sizes, we also offer design and fabrication services throughout our global network of Welding Alloys Integra service centres.



Heavy duty composite wear plates:

  • Base metal and wear-resistant overlay alloy thicknesses can be selected according to the application.
  • A choice of several alloy types is available.
  • Proven wear protection solution suitable for maintenance in demanding environments.


Ultra-thin composite wear plates of less than 5 mm thickness:

  • Specially adapted for applications where weight is restricted.
  • Designed to be more adaptable, lighter and harder, with increased wear resistance.
  • Suitable for moving parts such as fan blades, fan casings, and rotors.


Impact resistant wear plates:

  • Designed for applications susceptible to a combination of wear and impact.
  • An ideal solution for material transfer and transportation areas.


Specially suited for applications in the glass industry:

  • Total nickel content of less than 0.05%.
  • Specific development of a high chromium cast iron with low nickel content compared to quenched and tempered steels.
  • Reduced risk of nickel sulphide (NiS) formation that reduces spontaneous glass failure.
  • High chromium carbide content resulting in substantially increased wear resistance.


A Welding Alloys Integra wear audit will provide analytics, data, and insights pertaining to your particular wear problem, including a proposal of services and solutions to resolve your specific challenges. Wear plates can be customised according to your applications, with application-specific overlay alloys available for increased and optimised wear resistance.

Parts and components can be manufactured from any of our range of composite wear plates. Our full range of wear plates and be successfully cut, rolled, formed, welded, and assembled. Our global Integra facilities have the flexibility to successfully design and manufacture standard and complex parts and components made of Hardplate, Hardlite, Tuffplate and Glassplate.

  • Wear plates and liners
  • Wear plates and liners
  • Wear plates and liners


By collaborating with customers, our globally positioned teams ensure the selection of an optimum range of high-quality services, products, and solutions that meet or exceed their specifications.

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