• Offset cavitation, erosion, and vibration wear in hydropower equipment

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Hydropower plants and equipment are known to be subject to high cavitation, erosion, and vibration wear. These types of wear can occur on the scroll casing, guide vanes, and runner blades. We have designed special cladding wires and one-of-a-kind restoration and cladding services to repair damages on turbines and mantles. These specially developed products are also used by our Integra Service Centre teams and will ensure your equipment achieves a far greater lifetime.

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Our technical know-how, specialist welding personnel, and advanced consumables ensure fast and reliable repair welding of pump casings and components.

Wear and erosion of turbines and mantles can be maintained through regular maintenance checks and repairs. Our solutions enable proactive management of damages, allowing for timely repairs and maintenance.

Our solutions can help increase plant efficiency by repairing worn parts that are costly to replace.

Welding Machines

Workshop Maintenance Kit Welding Machine

A portable automated welding machine for workshops or on-site maintenance.

H-Frame Welding Machine

A modular, cost-effective weld surfacing machine.

Welding Consumables


Metal cored gas shielded wire for joining, rebuilding and cladding stainless martensitic and martensitic-ferritic rolled, forged and cast steels


Basic flux cored stainless steel wire for gas shielded arc welding


Metal cored gas shielded wire for cavitation, corrosion and erosion resistant surfacing.


Rutile flux cored stainless steel wire for gas shielded arc welding


Among the different kinds of turbines currently used in hydropower production, the Pelton turbine is one of the most complex and fascinating in terms of design.

Case Studies

When Welding Alloys was approached by a large hydropower plant customer in Brazil, they were in critical need for a sustainable repair solution to maintain their turbines, that were losing metal at a rate of 1kg daily as a result of cavitation.

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