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The pulp and paper industry faces various wear challenges throughout the different stages of the production process, including wear from abrasion, erosion, corrosion, pressure and temperature. Welding Alloys have technical experts across the globe that have in-depth knowledge of these different wear phenomena and can provide tailored solutions dedicated to extending the service life of each part and reducing total cost of ownership for the customer.

Explore our wide range of products, services, and equipment to solve wear problems within the pulp and paper industry.

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By protecting the lifespan of debarking drums and knives against the impact and abrasion from different wood varieties, you can significantly increase the efficiency and sustainability of your plant.

Hammers refurbished with our Welding Alloys 3D-Carb technology, achieve a 30% longer lifetime when compared with standard hammers.

We provide a preventive solution by hardfacing the wear intensive zones of new pulpers, through using a combination of different Welding Alloys products.

The maintenance of rotary kilns through regular inspections can prevent plant shutdowns and long-term issues. Through decades of experience, we are able to apply our knowledge and the use of advanced welding consumables, for the efficient repair of rotary kilns.

The outer housing and rotas that make up the rotary valves, are exposed to wear from the movement of materials through the chamber. Our solution extends the lifetime of production equipment by up to 300% when compared to replacement of the body shell or the rotator.

Learn how our solution provides an increased lifespan of both new and used screw feeders.

We provide a vast range of pipe and tube solutions that include the design and manufacture of parts using the widest range of wear resistant materials on the market.

Our wear plates are produced using specially developed Welding Alloys cored wires, which offer exceptional resistance to abrasive wear and impact, as well as high quality consistency and homogeneity of the deposit. This is achieved through our quality control processes, specifically designed equipment, advanced consumables, and processes driven by a passion to develop solutions that outperform the global standard.

Welding Machines

H-Frame Welding Machine

A modular, cost-effective weld surfacing machine.

Workshop Maintenance Kit Welding Machine

A portable automated welding machine for workshops or on-site maintenance.

Roll Cladder Welding Machine

High performance welding machine for cladding and hardfacing of rolls.

Welding Consumables


Cored wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Seamless high fill copper coated cored wire for semi-automatic gas shielded hardfacing


Cored wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Cored wire for gas shielded metal arc hardfacing


Flux cored wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


A customer operating in the pulp and paper industry in Thailand reached out to the Welding Alloys Integra™ services team for the restoration of a screw.

Case Studies & Technical Articles

A customer dissatisfied with the lifetime of their wood chip transportation screws sought our technical advice and we delivered a solution that decreased total cost of ownership by 25%.

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