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We understand that the transportation backbone of many countries around the globe is based on their ability to maintain and operate an efficient and economically viable railway system. Safety and time are paramount in all rail operations and the replacement of tracks and crossings is costly and time consuming. Our Welding Alloys materials and solutions are designed and developed to address specific customer needs, based on data obtained from the industry for more than 50 years.

Our knowledge, experience, equipment, and extensive range of welding consumables give us the flexibility to repair tracks and crossings, resulting in significantly increased lifespan of these components with substantial overall cost savings.

With our strategically located Integra Service Centres, we provide economical, technical solutions to wear problems caused by skidding, metal smearing, braking, wheel spin and impact, material deformation, cornering, and general abrasion.

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Welding Alloys have developed welding consumables specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the railway industry. Our innovative equipment and global engineers and site teams, enable refurbishment of crossing components to their original profile, without removal of the crossing. Components that have been removed, and those kept as spares, can be restored back to their original profile in our workshops, reducing maintenance downtime and track closures.

We offer restoration to rail and tram networks through rebuilding of the rail gauges and corners, to their original profile. Welding Alloys collaborates with OEM rail manufacturers to develop innovative and unique products. Our technical teams are available 24/7 and work with rail operators to establish repair protocols with the lowest impact on operations, traffic and surrounding activities, whilst remaining cost effective.

Our solution for joining grooved rails is economical, easy to implement and environmentally friendly. The Welding Alloys TRI S RW is a self-shielded flux cored wire, that offers great flexibility of usage and meets a wide range of requirements.

The rail heads and track transition areas are welded, ground and restored using our proven procedures and solutions. We also offer technical advice and expertise in development of welding procedures for in-house, customer-based repairs using our welding consumables and purpose-built automated equipment.

Welding Machines

Frog Top Rail Welding Machine

Automated open-arc welding machine for railway maintenance.

Flex e.bot (Cobot)

Flex e.bot, a collaborative welding robot for a range of weld surfacing jobs

Welding Consumables


Flux cored wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Low alloy tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Flux cored self shielded stainless steel wire for open arc welding specially designed for joining rails


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


One of the key components of rail networks, whether it be high-speed or urban rails, is the railway crossing.

Case Studies

Rail crossings are located at the center of the switch; this key component blends the continuity of two railways and is subject to high stress.

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