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At Welding Alloys, we offer a wide range of products, services, and equipment to solve wear problems that occur in the sugar industry. Our industry knowledge and expertise mean we can increase the lifespan and productivity of sugar rolls, crop dividers, shredders, knives, and chopper rollers used in the sugar cane industry, anywhere in the world.

To combat the effects of abrasive and corrosive wear of equipment used in sugar mills, we use Welding Alloys cored wires specially developed for hardfacing, building up of the rolls and of other machinery, back to the original profiles. Through our strategically located Integra Service Centres, we can provide wear audits and technical support across the world.

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At Welding Alloys, we can successfully protect and improve the wear resistance of fan impellers and casings across various industries. We offer standard and customised solutions for fans, fan blades, fan casings, and related equipment to protect against wear caused by factors such as corrosion, abrasion and erosion.

Our 3D-Carb technology achieves a 30% increase of lifetime, when compared with industry standard equipment.

Shedders can be exposed to various materials that cause wear and abrasion. Our extensive range of welding consumables, complemented by a comprehensive range of wear plates, can extend the lifetime of the component.

Our technical engineers use our trusted Welding Alloys welding equipment to repair, refurbish, and apply arc spatter to sugar mill rollers, resulting in many years of optimum cane crushing.

Minimise wear from the cane fibres and particles of sand and grit from sugar cane that cause corrosion to plates.

Welding Machines

Sugar Mill Kit Welding Machine

Specially designed welding equipment for hardfacing of sugar rolls.

Welding Consumables


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


“Open arc” cored wire designed for cane sugar rollers arcing


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Cored wire for gouging and cutting of metallic materials


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing


Welding Alloys South Africa recently partnered with ELCOR Industries Pty Ltd, a distributor in Swaziland, to promote our SMK NG machine, as well as our WA MAXEXTRACT and MAXEXTRACT PLUS cored wires.

Case Studies

A sugar mill experienced significant wear of its grinding rolls after just 185 days of grinding, the solution we offered surprised them.

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