Safety first!


Following the success of the WA Health & Safety Awareness week in 2018 plans are in place to hold a similar H&S Awareness week in 2019.  The date and content is yet to be decided, but we hope everyone will find it as informative and as much fun as this year.

At Welding Alloys, we are always looking at new ways to improve safety in the workplace and have introduced a number of other new initiatives in 2018. These include: 


  • Friday Safety emails - tips for keeping safe on various topics 
  • Sparky - We held a H&S logo competition and the winning logo showed Sparky with a Safety First sign.
  • Central Portal for H&S - We now have a central portal for H&S information that can be easily accessed from various sites around the Group
  • Internal H&S audits - these have proved to be very successful and have been a great way of educating people on hazards that exist within their sites.
  • Our CEO, Dominic Stekly, also sent out a mid-year review and message to all employees to reinforce the importance of being vigilant at all times as well as reporting any hazards/unsafe acts. 
  • We also now have a corporate H&S video with messages on health and safety from our Executive Team.

So - at Welding Alloys - as Sparky says with a thumbs up below - Safety First.


Shirley Irons, WA Group Human Ressources Director

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