KW at Expomina 2018


KW Technologies was invited to participate in Expomina Peru 2018, the most important world mining fair of the year. This year we exhibited together with our partner Exanco with whom we developed our sales strategy in Peru.

In an extraordinary business context, KW had the opportunity to showcase its flagship product in the region (our HardplateTM 100). The exhibition included high-level exhibitors from different countries who make up the large spectrum of mining providers in Peru.

During the show, several people linked directly or indirectly to mining visited and were very enthusiastic about KW products.

KW has the opportunity to continue expanding its business in Peru through its partners Exanco and Welding Alloys Peru. It has also been suggested that KW promote the benefits of its products, which already have a very good record, in other countries such as Mexico and Chile.

We hope to have more opportunities like this to continue to develop our brand and continue to penetrate the market so that our products reach more customers who can enjoy the benefits of choosing plates that are truly resistant to wear. KW products provide a real solution to abrasion and impact, which in turn increases the lifetime of equipment.


Franklin Sagaceta M., Commercial Manager KW Technologies


KW Technologies has been created in association with WAG and the major mining distributor Kupfer Hermanos S.A. and is established in Santiago, Chile, to respond to the mining market demand.

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