Sparks fly in the city of Hamburg


For the fifth time running, the traditional evening of welding technology took place in Hamburg on 27/09/2018. Welding Alloys Germany took the opportunity to present themselves and meet new contacts at this event, which was hosted by DVS (German Association for Welding).

The evening proved to be very interesting and educational for visitors. Topics presented included the latest developments in power sources, welding equipment, preheating, weld preparation and post-treatment, automation, virtual welding, safety at work, technical gases, extraction technology and other technical innovations.

With more than 320 visitors and 26 exhibitors, this is the largest welding event in northern Germany.

Sebastian Derrix (technical advisor for welding consumables) informed guests and visitors about Welding Alloys' impressive welding and repair concept for grinding tools for improved wear protection on roller mills. Behind the name ‘RPMaxLife’ is a newly developed concept, which includes a completely new type of layer construction with a variety of welding consumables with even higher resistance to abrasion and impact. In addition to significantly longer life span of grinding tools with the new technology, a significant reduction in the repair and maintenance expenditures is possible.

Each year, the organizer provides its guests with an interesting demonstration of an industrial process, so at nightfall we literally let sparks fly!

Eduard Neumann (welder at WA Germany) provided an impressive demonstration using a Workshop Maintenance Kit and cored wire. We demonstrated mechanized gouging using the example of a grinding tool from a vertical ring mill. The process is used to remove damaged wear protection layers to prepare a base for new hardfacing. A remarkable arc provided visitors with a lasting impression. Torsten Koran (Area Sales Manager Northern Germany) complemented the demonstration with explanations of the process and was available for questions from the visitors.


Jacqueline Krämer, WA Deutschland Team and Marketing Assistant

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