New life in old machines


There are many mechanically strong machines that are coming to the end of their life due to obsolete, worn parts and missing functionality that is required in today’s competitive market. Cetto AG, www.cetto.de, was in this position and opted for a solution, provided by Welding Alloys Deutschland, to repair the machine with new controls and replacement of the worn mechanical parts. The one off design was supplied and installed within four months after placing the order.

Before retrofit

After retrofit

The new controls incorporate:

•   Touch screen to set-up and monitoring the welding parameters.

•   Pendant controls to allow fine adjustment of the welding torch position.

•   Data logger to record process data for quality control.

•   Numerical control of the horizontal, vertical movement, rotation and wire feed.

The old power sources were replaced by new inverter technology which reduces power consumption to help protect the environment. In the usual power range for submerged arc  welding, these new power sources use 60% of the energy compared to the old conventional sources.

For more information about upgrading and supply of new equipment contact your local Welding Alloys company or visit our web site www.welding-alloys.com


David Butler, WA Group Machines and Wire Manufacturing Director


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