Harbor crane


The Siderca harbor Crane (Argentina), which has 2 drums, al- lows the raw materials to be unloaded from the ships in order  to supply the Reducción Directa factory, which is specialized in pipes manufacturing.

The factory has two original drums. The first was operational and the second, which we had to repair due to wear, was used as a spare (today, it is also in operation).

The repair of the 4 winding zones was only carried out once the drum was in the Siderar workshops. During assembly, it turned out that due to the wear of the rolling surfaces, the spare part had to be “standardized”.

Due to lack of time and available staff, because of an overload of work, Siderar had to decline the offer. After several consulta- tions to find a company able to carry out this job, Siderar sug- gested to consult with Welding Alloys.

The Siderca maintenance team contacted our sales representa- tive, Mr. Eduardo Chain, to evaluate the feasibility of the project. We then went on site to assess the part. Back at the workshop with various information (drawings, photos, etc), we decided to- gether with our production department that we would be able to carry out this project, thanks to our tubular weld- ing wires!

The drum was very bulky: 7,727.95 mm long, 40 “Ø and a weight of 11,488 tons.

The preparation and ma- chining were done by Sid- erca; then, we carried out the welding as well as the heat treatment.


Paula Pérez, WA Argentina Administrative Manager


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