Return on investment for Speedmet Aluminium


Since Aluminium Turkey’s investment in its machines was completed in 2018, Speedmet we have been developing the new wires and finally achieved ‘All Positions’ ABS and DNV-GL approvals. TUV-DB are on the way and coming soon.

We have a WA-made welding robot and we do welding tests  for every wire we export and sell to the local market. Pictured are some recent weld X-ray tests, which are perfect. We have already started approaching big global distributors and end users that we haven’t been able to sell to before. Those are machinery, railways, shipyards, truck and trailers, aerospace, and similar high-end sectors where we want our name to be in the game. These potential businesses were the main reason for the investment in our new machines and our company name will soon be among the top manufacturers in the world.

Something innovative that we have been applying since January 2019 is that we conduct professional welding tests for every batch of MIG and TIG wire that we produce. We then share   the pictures of the weld and the detailed welding test report (together with usual product test reports) with all our customers. This has already started to bring a lot of trust and confidence in our products among our customers.

We also want to mention that we have achieved a milestone of over 1750 days with no LTI. Speedmet Aluminium Turkey places great importance on Health & Safety. We have a professional H&S consultant that we work together with twice a month. We have warning and other signs throughout the premises and we provide training for new and existing employees.

We have also recently changed our logo to include the slogan “Your Friend in Aluminium”, because we have a great relationship with all of our customers, suppliers and business partners and this is reflected by our new slogan. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘friend’ to our partners and customers, which promotes trust in our company and builds a strong reputation, which is one of the most important success factors to us.


Eser Atalas, Speedmet Director


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