Netsuite project-Implementation of a new ERP system across Welding Alloys Group


With more and more Netsuite enabled sites and new projects continuing to get started, it was time to put the team in line on common goals. To achieve this, Netsuite’s IT team met in early April at Welding Alloys France for a week of Netsuite implementation workshops.

The objectives of this week were to:

•   Share and review each processes execution in Netsuite (Man- ufacturing, Procurement, CRM / Distribution, Finance and IT).

•   Share lessons learned from past projects to optimize future implementations.

•   Set down a priority for each Process Analyst to spend 2 days of each month focused on improving the user experience.

Each day we focused on a process. The Process analyst in charge facilitated the day by showcasing adopted standards and encouraging lively discussion. Process Owners joined us add- ing solid input to the discussion. Everyone left the meeting with more knowledge, better relationships and a number of tasks to clear. And of course, after work we spent some time together in the beautiful Alsace.

What attendees say:

Claire Teed:
“The team meeting in Colmar was very beneficial to understand all processes across the WA and IA group. Lots of knowledge was gathered and shared around the table.”

Ria Maynes:
“Group workshops gave me a sense of teamwork. It was very important that we were able to see the Finance roadmap for NetSuite and the Blend Management in action. It allowed us to be more confident on how to proceed with grey areas.”

Marcela Flores:
“This meeting was so useful to understand the role of each one in the group and the differences in each subsidiaries, review all the opportunities areas and improve the next implementations in the group by working together.”

David André, WA Group IT Manager and Todd Kimpton, Netsuite Project Director


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