Africa, a promising market


Developing our activities in the African market remains a major objective for Welding Alloys.
We plan to do this through focusing on promoting our Repair & Maintenance range of welding consumables, mainly in sugar refineries and the mineral industry. WA tubular electrodes, which are easy to use with customer equipment, offer many advantages over coated electrodes and are opening doors with potential new customers.
At the same time, our self-shielded flux cored wire with TOPCASE 425-4 package has also proved to be of interest - nine units were sold last month for use in a mine in Mali, with the strong probability that they will do the same, soon, for other sites.

Welding Alloys’ success in Africa is due to the quality of ourproducts and our ability to support the customer with our technical expertise, which is focused toward reducing their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We can also count on our local partners to ensure distribution, one of which has created hubs in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal and Mauritius. Stockorders will arrive very soon; the first was delivered to Mauritius earlier this year (test location).
It’s looking like 2020 is set to be a year of increased business in Africa.

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Thierry Blondeau, WA France Sales Area Manager

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