First Ever WA Mining Sales Seminar


In early June, mining experts, salesmen, MDs and regional directors converged in Castelldefels, Barcelona, for Welding Alloys' first ever Integra Sales Meeting focussed on the mining industry. Combining our recent joint venture in Chile with Kupfer and the launch of Makuri Liner Technologies, Welding Alloys is rapidly becoming a global force in the mining industry.

This conference, attended by 35 people from 15 countries, and every continent, was considered by all a huge success and an ideal forum for information sharing, strategy planning and refining our business plans. Huge opportunities lie ahead, and we wish all the participants, and their teams around the world, the best of luck executing on their ambitious expansion plans. Many thanks to Richard Baker, Leandro Lopez and his team in Spain, and everyone else involved in the organisation of this landmark event.

In the course of the Mining seminar in Barcelona, one of the main focuses of the seminar was to develop a strategy for the Makuri I+M+D Technology which WAG has a worldwide agreement. Makuri I+M+D was developed as a result of demands by the mining industry, for lower operating cost /tonne liners for major dig, load, haul and dump equipment.

By the end of the seminar, the WAG regions had identified specific countries and companies that were to be targeted by the end of the year to carry out Makuri I+M+D trials.

For further information on Makuri I+M+D: click here

Dominic Stekly, CEO

Richard Baker, Manufacturing director (Integra)






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