Welding Alloys Italiana very active in May


Last May, Welding Alloys Italiana participated in two important events in Italia.


  • Participation in Industrial Valve Summit - Bergamo 24-25 May 2017

This special event, the INDUSTRIAL VALVE SUMMIT, was the 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on Valve and Flow Control Technologies.

Welding Alloys Italiana participated for the 1st time in order to consolidate relationships with Key Customers, using Stelloy 21 and Stelloy 6 wires and equivalent TIG rods for repair.

The exhibition provided an opportunity to interact with prospective customers involved in the Oil & Gas Valves Industry and to finalise an order of 3 tonnes of Stelloy 21, 1.2 mm diameter for plug valve body cladding with an existing customer.

Welding Alloys Italiana organised a 16m stand displaying one Plug Valve clad inside with Stelloy 21 and relative plugs, clad with Stelloy 6, 1.2 mm diameter. New Welding Alloys posters showing Stelloy cladding applications were specially made for this occasion.

At the event, Welding Alloys successfully presented an image as the most qualified manufacturer of Stellite Cored Wires.

A large number of exhibitors and visitors crowded the halls during the 2 days at the show.


  • Participation in GNS9 - Genova 30-31 May 2017

Every two years the Italian Welding Institute holds a conference + exhibition inviting, as sponsors, welding product manufacturers to present their new activities.

Welding Alloys Italiana participated in the 5th congress of this event, which provided an opportunity for all participants involved in welding activities, mainly Joining & Cladding, to learn about the latest news regarding consumables, machines, NDT and anything else welding related.

This time Welding Alloys Italiana, in conjunction with Welding Alloys France, presented (by Jean Marie Bonnel) a paper on CORROSION RESISTANT ALLOY CLADDING AND OVERLAY WITH CORED WIRES (available below). Approximately 100 participants were present in the room, and the presentation certainly established that Welding Alloys are the experts within the field of cored wires for cladding.

A total of 1700 welding specialists attended the 2-day show, all of whom received our catalogue for Tetra wires as well as the complete paper prepared for the occasion.

Corrosion resistant alloy cladding and overlay with cored wires

Adelio Cordari, Managing director Italy


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