Speedmet Aluminium Turkey - at the cutting edge of technology!


On Friday 15th September, the new factory of Speedmet Aluminium was inaugurated by Dominic Stekly in Istanbul. This new factory is equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment (superior quality machines from Italian and German manufacturers) with an overall maximum production capacity of 2,000 tons of Aluminium wire per year. This huge investment is providing Speedmet with the most modern tools to meet the highest quality standards of this specific market. Apart from 0.5kg mini, 2kg midi and regular 7kg MIG spools, Speedmet has also got a brand new Drum Packing machine which can make up to 100-120kg of wire loaded into industry standard drums.

As for the other Welding Alloys cored wire manufacturing plants, Speedmet counts now among the top quality aluminium wire producers. Well done to Eser Atalas and his team for the completion of this new factory, we wish Speedmet the best of luck and success in the Al wire business.

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