WA Japan’s 18th Anniversary


WA Japan celebrated its 18th anniversary on October 18th, the same day the company was founded (October 18th, 1999)!

WA Japan’s business has been the Integra business (99%) for these 18 years and customers have been increasing every year. WA Japan has about 70 fixed customers now and are getting about 200 jobs per year (15 to 16 jobs per month). About 50 % of all the Integra business is in-situ, rebuilding for vertical mill, in-situ boiler cladding, and in-situ repair jobs for other abrasive and corrosive machines.

In-situ jobs are 3D work (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) and WA Japan has been proposing “Smart welding” of this 3D work for safety, quality of welding and automatization of all the work concerned in the repair job.

Smart welding doesn’t mean merely automatic welding but also compels other works associated with welding to be automatized. Other works associated with welding includes, for example, laser and ultrasonic measurement, NDT, surface grinding, surface gouging etc. Through communication techniques with a computer, these repair works will be able to be unmanned in the near future. Finally, repair jobs can be done safely and certainly. High quality and customer satisfaction can be achieved through “Smart Welding”.

WA Japan has been vigorously doing business during these 18 years, demonstating competitive advantages with “Smart Welding”, response to customers, knowledge of abrasion and corrosion-resistance, exchanging information with customers etc. and WA Japan will grow as one of the leading maintenance companies in Japan hereafter, too.

Welding Alloys Japan

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